For The Love Of Jellycat!

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Having worked in retail for 6 years I've seen many of the new trends and one thing that has always remained extremely popular and to this day is our best seller is...Jellycat!

The innovative soft toys were created in London in 1999 and the toys and ideas have expanded greatly throughout the years.  Like the company's name (which was thought of by a child who loved jellies and cats and giggled at the thought of them both together!), the designs are original and often quirky.

Ever fancied having a soft toy of a large bat with the toothiest, biggest grin?!  Or a French Bulldog made of corduroy?! How about the fluffiest sloth you'd ever seen?! Or maybe a bunny wearing a psychedelic onesie?!  Well, Jellycat have all of these whacky critters and more!

What also makes Jellycat so special is that a lot of their designs aren't around for very long.  Most of them go into retirement, and I don't mean they end up sitting around with a crossword puzzle or knitting jumpers, they are no longer made by the company!  This can sometimes end up in disaster if a little one gets very attached to a particular toy and it disappears and the adults are unable to get a replacement! (Piece of advice, ALWAYS have a back up!!)  I've lost count of the amount of frantic emails I've received from sleep deprived parents because little Jimmy can't sleep without his well loved Jellycat Bashful Bunny because the dog buried it the garden, (this actually happened!)  I've shipped off many Jellycats around the world, America, France, Germany, even Australia.

I have now become one of those parents who has to keep an eye on the "favourite toy" and guard it with my life, in constant fear of it falling out of the pushchair or being dropped, never to be seen again!  Posie is only 6 months old but has grown incredibly attached to her Vintage Panda (one of the Jellycats which has gone into retirement - if I had known how popular he was going to be and that I wouldn't be able to get another one I would've stockpiled the little beauties as if I were preparing for a zombie apocalypse and instead of having canned goods, a garage full of cute black and white smiley faced bears!)  He is so well loved, his fur looks about 100 years old and his paws have gone a lovely yellow colour from being chewed so much, but she adores him all the same.  Attached are photos of said Panda with Posie from 11 days old up until about 5 months old.  I have also got the same panda but in the larger size, so if Jack were to ever go missing the bigger one can swoop in to save the day.  I'll just have to say he's grown!

So, if you're ever looking for a gift for a newborn, christening, birthday (recipients have varied from 1 day old to about 80 years old, all ages love them) I highly recommend a Jellycat.  But be warned, children will love them so much that it becomes mission impossible to steal them away for an afternoon to get them washed, but it's worth it as they really do become their childhood friend for life. A love like Andy & Woody, Posie & Jack.








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