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This doesn't mean that our beloved Jellycat toys have taken up knitting or gardening!  They are no longer made or available to buy from Jellycat themselves.

This can sometimes mean disaster for parents!  I've lost count of the number of times a harassed adult has come into the shop desperately looking for an identical copy of a certain toy that their little one has lost, or in one case, been buried in the garden by their dog!

Now we get a lot of customers buy "the back up".  For those just in case moments when the child cannot find their cuddly best friend and you sense a tantrum coming on, there is another at the ready!

Children just seem to absolutely love Jellycat.  It could be because of their long limbs which are ideal for holding onto, their soft cuddly fur which is ideal for hugging or their lovely uniqueness.  You could line up a row of the same animal design and they will each have something a little different about them.  Be it a slight head tilt, posture or facial expression.

So we advise you keep a very close eye on your extended family member in the event of them joining other Jellycat in retirement.  Or stock pile as many as you can whilst you can!

We've gone through the retired archive on Jellycat and have added that information onto the individual products on our online site for you, to make you aware which ones aren't going to available for much longer, "Jellycat have stopped producing this particular soft toy. Catch it whilst you can!" 

- Charlotte (Fellow Jellycat enthusiast!)



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