And They Call It Puppy Love

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I myself, am a huge dog lover.  All different breeds, shapes and sizes, I don't mind!  Ever since I was a baby my family have had a pet pooch, and now that I live with my husband, we too have our very own furry member of the family. (Some of you may have met Dottie, she used to come into the shop with me until she found her voice and barked all of the time!)  So we do welcome dogs with well behaved owners to come into the shop and look around.

According to figures from 2014, there are 9 million pet dogs in the UK.  This is why we have found that any type of gift in the shop that has a dog on it has become a best seller.  People can't resist picking up any item that has their familiar pet face looking back at them.  (I'm a sucker for anything with a Schnauzer on!)

When we go buying we're always on the lookout for more things we can add to our collection.  Sometimes it can be hard to find the more obscure dog breeds, but we do try.

So far we have managed to find egg cups, with 16 different doggy designs.  Stylish items for the kitchen: aprons, tea towels and oven gloves.  In Springer Spaniel, Westie, Black Labrador and Irish Wolfhound.  Our best selling, Jellycat, have even got a range of soft cuddly dogs.

I could go on and on about all of our different canine products but I think I'd get cramp in my fingers from all of the typing!

Instead, why not take a look for yourselves...




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