The Beginning Of Expressions

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Expressions opened its doors in September 2010.  My parents wanted to expand their business, Express Bathrooms, and thought that a shop in town would be a perfect satellite to encourage more traffic to their Rotherwas premises.  That is where the shop's name comes extension of the original business.

At first it was thought that the shop would mainly sell larger items such as furniture. But the gift side took off so well that was developed into the treasure trove full of wonderful gifts that it is today.

As the shop was coming together, with walls knocked down, carpets fitted, and stock being delivered, people couldn't wait to get a we started serving customers in amongst the busyness of it all! We didn't even have a card machine at that point so were only able to accept cash payments.

Our back room was originally a stock room, but as the gifts grew we needed more space to display our products. The area was soon cleared and opened up to the public- full of furniture, wall art and other bits and bobs. This room is known as "The Granary Room" because when it was first ready it was filled with just furniture made out of granary wood.  Even though those pieces are gone, the name remains.

Next is "The Trunk Room".  Not because we displayed elephant trunks in there, but more suitably, storage trunks!

There is a small nook which is "The Dark Room" as not much natural light reaches it so we try to make it a bit brighter by adding lamps and mirrors.

"The Middle Room" quite simply because of it's position in the layout.  Is a good space which we fill with furniture and cushions.

Finally, the front of the shop doesn't really have a nickname as that is where we mainly are!

Four and half years on from when it all began, the stock and look of the shop might have changed but the rooms still hold their sentimental value so the names have stuck with us!

This has been my first little blog for the shop.  I hope you enjoyed it and I didn't drivel on too much!

- Charlotte x

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